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Always keep your bag in front 

Whether you’re carrying a backpack or a shoulder bag, you’d better keep an eye on your bag all the time. Getting cut in your bag by a razor blade is one of the situations that can happen when you keep your bag unattended.

Cover your expensive jewelry while in the street 

Try not to get much attention to yourself by wearing too much sparkling jewelry. If you must bring your jewelry, you’d better cover it. When going out for a tour or a walk in the street, you can keep your expensive belongings in a safe box in your rooms (most hotels in Vietnam have one).

Street vendors and pickpocket
Street vendors, who are considered a part of street-culture in Vietnam, have impressed many tourists with amazing shots captured by travel bloggers. The fact is that many of them are struggling with their lives, trying hard to get through a day with only a few bucks. However, you should also expect a downside, street vendors in Vietnam, in some cases that can be annoying. If you’re not interested in things they invite you to buy, you can just ignore them. However, many thieves undercover as street vendors create a scenario for pickpockets. Therefore, be careful when street vendors or some strangers approach you and create a confusing situation.

Withdraw money from the ATM.
Withdrawing money from the ATM and exchanging currency are ones of the most common things that tourists do when travelling, but always keep in mind that someone is watching you and maybe they also intent to rob you.
About exchanging currency, you should ask that agency for the exchange rate because some people tend to increase the exchange rate to make them more profitable.

Overcharge Taxi
Meter Taxi normally cruise the street but it is best for you to ask them about the price before hopping on because some meter bar is rigged and the price will go up faster than it usually should. In Ho Chi Minh City, we recommend you to choose these 2 well-known brands: Mai Linh and Vinasun based on convenience and fare. In other cities, we recommend you to choose taxis which have a speedometer called Grab, and they are also one of the easiest ways to travel because they will provide you information about the price, the drivers…
Don’t forget to bargain when buying things in an open-air market
Most products in the market should be bargained down because some of the retailers tend to increase the price for foreign ex-pats. There are quite a few sellers who want to increase the price of their products to make a profit from foreigners, but do not lose the opportunity to buy what you need. You can practice your bargains in the market and the best thing that can happen is that you win the bid and get the item for the best price.

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