Transportation in Vietnam


Vietnam is always developing day by day, so along the streets are streets full of vehicles and vehicles. Some vehicles will be waiting for you to cross the road, you make sure you get up and try to go right away. Instant. In order to attract the discerning travelers, here – Ho Chi Minh City in terms of transportation, is also diversified to meet the needs of each person. Some common types are as follows


Motorbikes are the most popular means of transportation for people in Vietnam. Moreover, even when traveling to a new land, motorbikes are a popular vehicle to hire

Convenience of Motorbikes

 Motorbikes are cheap; the rental period is extended, go anywhere.

The most important is the convenience and high flexibility so that many travelers choose for themselves a conventional vehicle is a motorbike.


Like other tourist cities, the system of taxi firms in Ho Chi Minh City is very diverse. Although traveling by taxi is quite expensive, if traveling in large groups (from 4 to 7 people), taxis will be a reasonable choice for travelers. You will have a driver for yourself, no need to sleepy to drive. Moreover, it will be suitable for those who do not have a license or drunkenness.


3. Cyclo

 They have a long tradition in Vietnam, the tourist just waving and paying the price can make the trip without having to go through complicated procedures. 


4. Bus 

The bus is a reasonable choice for young people or families who want to explore many places in the city center with the most economical cost possible. However, you need to be healthy enough to go to every place on the long way!


Because Vietnam is a developing country, the transportation system still faces many difficulties during traffic hours.

Rush hour: From Monday – Saturday including time frames: From 09h30 – 11h30, 17h00 – 20h00; Sunday: there is no rush hour

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