About us

Starting from the desire of learning not only from books but also from actual experiences, we – the tourism students of Hoa Sen University join in the project learning with senior students to attend guest speakers’ sharing, cultural events, explore places, communicate with different cultures to learn as much as we can while studying at the academy. Saigon Corners, a project-based learning method facilitate our activities as volunteer travel companions. The name Saigon Corners speaks of us: city locals share familiar daily life’s charms and vibrance to our international fellows. 


Our products

Lively, Colorful, Authentic

Local buddies
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1. Vision

We are a non-profit organization formed by students of Hoa Sen University. We promise to bring unique experiences for international fellows through historical, cultural, and human perspectives in the most honest way. Together we strive to be the top “free trip” organization in Ho Chi Minh city.

2. Mission

We create an environment that helps students to improve their applied skills, practice English and nurture their dream to succeed in the tourism industry. Moreover, we introduce about Saigon’s culture and history to friends from other countries through local stories from young people living and studying here.

3. Core value

  • Passion: Our local buddies are full of enthusiasm and friendliness.
  • As future service workers, we also value practice, constantly trying to improve our knowledge and professional skills through city tours.
  • Attitude: We maintain a positive, friendly attitude to bring you memorable experiences in our beloved Saigon.
  • Creativity: We are constantly changing all the tours, trying to bring the unique values of Saigon into the products.
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