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Gánh bánh tráng – Rice paper street vendors

This is typically the most famous street vendor in Saigon. People here not only use rice paper as a cooking ingredient but also eat it as snacks. The most common rice paper snack is Bánh tráng trộn – Mixed rice paper with grated mango, quail eggs, Vietnamese coriander, crispy minced garlic, special shrimp salt, chili oil, kumquat juice, etc. Each street vendor has different ingredients in addition to the above basic one based on their creativity, which makes this dish so special among Saigonese. Prices range from 15.000 vnđ to 30.000 VND. They usually sell by serving, the lowest is 15.000 VND, larger servings add 5.000 VND and so on. 

Locals usually order according to their taste. For example, one less spicy mixed rice paper with no mango and add quail eggs. This is why sometimes prices change based on additional ingredients requested by the customer.

Aside from mixed rice paper, they may also sell rice paper rolls and rice paper dip with sauce.

These street vendors do not have a fixed sell time but they usually start selling from 2 pm in the afternoon to the evening. You can find them anywhere on the street (Saigon Corners recommend the small vendor next to Hoa Sen University).